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Monday, 4 June 2012

Every one is a sunflower or a moon :)

Everyone is a moon, we all have a darker side that we keep tucked in our heart.
 Many years ago I was chatting to Father David at my sons school we got onto the subject of sunflowers. As many of my friends know these flowers are my very favourite. He told me a little story about the oh so happy yellow sunflowers in the field, smiling with their faces turning and following the suns path.
'But you know of course all sunflowers have a dark middle' he said 'and we are like these flowers, we all have that dark middle keeping something tucked up in our heart that we never share with anyone'

Those words inspired my work, this was 2002 and I worked for over 6 months a on a body of work titled 'Secrets, Hopes and Dreams'. Its been exhibited in many places over the years, but I am quite precious about the collection and its content, its a reflection of me and is very deep rooted. 

I also have a connection with the moon....always watchful and always knowing  the path it takes, and a full moon is always a special one for me, holding so many memories. I was born under a full moon on 3rd day of the 3rd month at a few minutes past 3am....somehow that feels special too. 
And like the sunflower the moon has a darker side too:)
So tonight the 4th of June its another full moon, but the sky hangs grey right now,and may not be visible, but I will still look to the skies smile and make a wish...and for a few moments feel connected to those wishes :)
I brought six sunflowers today and they certainly brighten up my kitchen windowsill, on this oh so grey day.....and a reminder of special times....perfect day.....sunflowers and a full moon
Happy Sunday to you love M xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Never accept less than butterflies.....

Peacock butterfly
The weather has been lovely this past week and there seems to be an explosion of butterflies :) There are many inspirational stories, myths and legends on the internet that you can look up for yourselves, but the one that I like is 'Never accept anything less than butterflies'....This phrase has many interpretations.
The feeling you get when you meet someone that makes you feel euphoric, or causes the 'butterflies in your stomach' feeling when you think of him/her.
The advice is to not “settle” for a partner in a relationship that doesn’t have this effect on you, and was popularized by the character Carrie Bradshaw on the series 'Sex and the City'.
Like the butterfly, we are all on a journey. On this journey we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to metamorphasize. All change is good - even if it may not seem so at the time. Change is what life is made of and it is necessary to grow and learn. At our journey's end we are inevitably transformed - not at all the same as when we started on the path. I like this one....................
It reminds me of the journey I am heading on. After 6 months of illness where I have been unable to do very much I am now feeling 99% better and ready to get up and go again :) I have had a long time to think and re-evaulate my secrets hopes and dreams.....some changes are necessary and some of my comfort zone will be put to the test. Dreams can just stay dreams, but I know they can be reality if I reach hard for them. Only I can do that. Watch this space.....
A cake and a cuppa are ready to enjoy while I write my list ....Hugs 4 smiles M x

It also has a rather simple meaning - butterflies are bright and beautiful creatures so don't settle for anything but the best and brightest.

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down
                                           quietly, may alight upon you.Nathaniel Hawthorne

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunshine, shadows and a full moon :)

           The sunshine lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder.

This picture was taken on a beautiful sunny day, and yes the quote above is just how it was on that day. I felt happy and content having not only the sunshine touch my shoulder but the arm of a very special person. A day that went by oh too fast, but remains etched on my memory forever
The evening walking on the beach as the sun sets, casting shadows that gradually fade away. Holding hands and smiling, content and happy in the knowledge of coming together and just being us.

Watching the moon rise....and looking at each other....knowing.....and smiling....our moon.

The sea ebbs and flows like the moon.....the tide turns and the shadows fade, but the sun shines brightly for me:)

One day, someday, who knows. Sunshine, shadows and moons will always be there to share :)
Doris and Jack smiled...sitting by the little     stream, hand in hand watching the sunshine, shadows and moon and still in love :)
Perhaps it will seem to you that the sunshine is brighter and that everything has a new charm. At least, I believe this is always the result of a deep love, and it is a beautiful thing. And I believe people who think love prevents one from thinking clearly are wrong; for then one thinks very clearly and is more active than before. And love is something eternal--the aspect may change, but not the essence. There is the same difference in a person before and after he is in love as there is in an unlighted lamp and one that is burning. The lamp was there and it was a good lamp, but now it is shedding light too, and that is its real function. And love makes one calmer about many things, and in that way, one is more fit for one's work. Vincent Van Gough

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Peanut Butter and a Full Moon

Love and happiness remind me of sticky peanut butter. When you spread them around, you can't help but end up getting some on yourself!— Marcia Jordan, Hugs & Hope Club

Hello Everyone :) Apologies for not dropping by recently :(  life lately has been full of this and that, ups and downs and sticky moments! But like the quote above, friends will always stick by he he. So another Christmas done and dusted and another New Year to greet. I have a feeling deep down that this just may be the year that I finally sort myself out. So many friends have been supportive over 2011 and have encouraged me to step out of  of my comfort know who you are and for that I say a big THANK YOU :) One very special friend has been quietly in the background giving me the strength to believe in myself and take those steps forward....thanks from across the miles x 

Those of you who know me well are aware that I have an infinity with the moon! Especially when the full shiny moon sits in the clear sky at night watching over never ceases to make me smile :) No as yet I do not go hairy and grow fangs....Mind you I was born on the 3rd of the 3rd at 3am, maybe that has something to do with it? Also both me and my eldest son were born during a full moon!!! lol
This picture was taken in my garden on the 10th another reach for dreams and a wish...The next one is on January 9th so remember to take a peep, smile and reach for your dreams too.
The best Full moon was one I shared with a friend in September ....One that we observed and made wishes together,the most lovely bright silvery one that sat on the edge of the sea, one I believe will always be remembered....also another opportunity to sail a paper boat and smile.
This is short and sweet today....but heartfelt and sent to all my friends....I could not ask for a better circle of sticky peanut butter pals....lets all stick together in 2012 and reach our goals and dreams together.......A very Happy New Year to each of you ....Hugs 4 smiles M xx

Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists. When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been lost. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence. Edmond & Jules deGoncourt

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

An encounter with an Angel :)

                                  "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for by so doing
some have unwittingly entertained angels."~ Hebrews 13:2 ~

We dropped out youngest son off at uni 3 weeks ago, and although all we ever wanted was for our children to be healthy, happy and reach for their dreams, always knowing that one day they would step out into the big wide world and follow their own path and journey through life. I always knew that you only borrow your children, but it did not stop me feeling like I had both my arms removed. Suddenly tearful and feeling redundant I shed a few tears
knowing that its my time now to rediscover me, and also like the gang carve out a new path just as they are. I am lucky as many people do not have the opportunity to have the creativity I experience, which overflows into so many aspects of my life. I have always worked in the world of art and I know I am very charmed to be able to do so.
The Sunday after my son went to uni I went off to North Norfolk once again. A great leveller for me and the big skies free my mind. I also sail my paper boats here. I had 2 to sail this day, and when I had found a suitable spot I sent them onto the gentle waves carrying their special messages across the ocean. I watched them until they were no longer in sight.
The sky had started to turn and promised a lovely sunset. I walked back along the beach and back onto the edge of the prom. I turned back to admire the sky  when I heard someone say "Are you here for the sunset?" I turned to see an elderly lady in a motorised wheelchair, she was beautifully dressed and made up and had the most amazing smile. She reached her hand out and touched my arm and said "You only have your children in trust you know?" A tear appeared in the corner of my eye and words became stuck in the back of my throat. I nodded in agreement and went on to tell her that the last had flown the did she know I wondered?
She then briefly told me her story, how her bones were crumbling and she was on morphine, but still took all life had to offer. She involved herself in many projects and also travelled extensively, along with being as creative as she could, her hands did not now let her do her beloved wood turning, she found other ways to keep herself busy and active. She had just come back from Australia, her and her husband (who by now was chatting to mine) still drove, took days out, loved going for romantic meals and also sold all she made at farmers and craft markets, and that was the tip of the iceberg!
As the sky turned a deep red and orange she said it was my turn now to take life and embrace it....or I could just sit around do nothing and wait for God... you know her words totally struck home. I could sit in my now empty silent house dwelling on the past of ghosts of children laughing, playing and following me around like puppies, but those days will never happen again. So I owe her as well as myself some....well lots of me time, to be active, get my mojo back and rediscover who I am. I have had a few years now of hiding away, not ever knowing whether I will find light at the end of the tunnel......She then smiled at me and said they had better be on their way as her husband was not so good at standing for long periods of time now days....after all she finished up with.....he is now 92 and I am 91!!!!! you know as she and her hubby went on their merry way and vanished into the distance I was left behind with a sense of well being....I did wonder if she was an angel that had returned to earth to show me the new path  I should now tread.
Three weeks later and her face stays with me as do her words, already opportunities are coming my way and I am looking forward to another new creative journey....I wonder who she is helping now with her inspiring words of wisdom?

 If you seek an angel with an open heart, you shall always find one.

So a little melancholy tonight but sending with hugs 4 smiles to you all M xx

Friday, 23 September 2011

"Don't cry because it 's over....Smile because it happened"
Dr Seuss

Thats all I have to say today
Hugs 4 smiles M x

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Doris, Jack and a new found confidence :)

 A few days have passed since I returned home from my trip to North Norfolk and although I am a little melancholy this afternoon, its for the right reasons. My mind keeps trailing back and reliving the 5 days I spent in my most favourite place. Norfolk is a leveller for me, but this time I went in search of confidence, and I have certainly found a small spark.
Lots of walking, meditation, thinking and having a special friend to ponder life with, has helped me regain a positive attitude.
This little river set in splendid surroundings helps power an old restored watermill, I found it by chance, the journey stopped abruptly as there was a ford across the road warning cars not to go across. So I parked up and took in natures wonderful beauty. Alongside the river a bench, the dedication was for Doris 1001 and Jack 89 who had loved the area and each other for many years. I sat for some time watching and pondering, in my head I made up little stories about the couple....did Doris feel the same way I do right now,  after her family grew up, did she regain a new confidence? I think maybe she did, she embraced life and all it had to offer, that's her secret for a long happy life  I think :)
So perhaps I will be a Doris and reach for my dreams. Jack well he is in my heart and always will be,   Jack was her forever love... 
A little bridge crossed the river and I could not resist playing Phoo Sticks....yep a middle aged woman reliving her childhood dropping sticks into the water, watching them race under the bridge and then cheering the winner. I was alone...I hope:)

A trip along the coast took me to a place called Eccles....the beach was almost deserted and I enjoyed hunting out witch stones, for any of you that don't know a what a witch stone is, its one that has a hole all the way through. I then sat for a while and took in the atmosphere. Couples arm in arm , children content in the autumn sunshine to paddle and build sandcastles, excited dogs running in and out of the surf enjoying their freedom.
I spotted this man who seemed to be pondering the meaning of life, I captured the moment as he seemed to be doing the same as me, re-evaluating and at a crossroads in life. I wonder has he got a Doris in his life?? 
So home now and have re-discovered my Mojo....Drop the negative thoughts that keep me in my cage...I can see the colours a little more clearly now and I plan to do mostly positive things. Today well its the start of a new journey of discovery, baby steps to start with and not trying too much at once. I  have a list of life and heave already ticked off 2 items. 
People without Mojo see lemons as lemons. People who have Mojo take lemons and make lemonade...I know who I would rather be :)

So as the sun set on the last day of my trip it was time to say goodbye....time for new beginnings................ 

'What it what it is'
Hugs for lots of new smiles M xx